Why community learning in flood affected areas of Baringo might not start

An aerial photo of villages flooded near Lake Baringo due to the rising waters of the lake.

Parents and education stakeholders in Baringo have expressed concern over the Education Ministry’s directive that guardians begin teaching in estates and villages.

Residents, mainly from Marigat to Baringo Sud, fear education will not resume anytime soon as ordered due to disruption caused by the water in the flooding lakes Baringo and Bogoria.

The water in the two lakes has seen more than 200 displaced families and nearly 10 schools submerged.

The Teachers’ Services Commission had ordered all teachers to undertake community education without charging parents as of August 12 and until further notice.

Study program support

Teachers have been urged to register with program support staff and sub-county directors in the areas where they are currently staying.

Nicholas Bowen, a parent, said that while parents support the program, their children may not benefit from it.

“We are in the midst of a crisis, people have been displaced by the floods and several structures have been submerged. We don’t know if the ministry directive will work for us, ”Bowen said.

Nearly 10 schools, he said, were affected and roads leading to various villages were made impassable.

The affected schools include primary and secondary schools in Ngambo, primary and secondary schools in Kampi Samaki, primary schools in Salabani, primary schools in Nosukuro and primary schools in Kailer in Sandai.

Others are the secondary and primary of Salabani, the primary of Sintaan, the primary of Ilng’arua, the primary of Longewan, the primary of Sokotei in Mukutani, the primary of Rugus, the secondary and the primary of Kiserian, among others.

Vincent ole Kosek, another relative, called on the national government, non-governmental organizations and supporters to step in and help families.

” We need help ; the issue of flooding needs to be addressed before the ministry starts planning education in the villages, ”he said.

Baringo County Kenya Primary Education Teachers Union Section Executive Secretary Christopher Kimosop said the spirit of community learning is good, but preparation has been done for the haste.

Few learners, he noted, will benefit from the directive to have education in villages and estates. In Marigat, most villages are submerged and residents have since fled their homes, he said.

Affected villages include Ngambo, Ilchamus, Kampi ya Samaki, Sintaan, Salabni, Longewan and Lukunyaki.

“The preparation in terms of the groundwork was done at random as no one has established where the learners are and whether there are facilities where learning can take place,” Kimosop said.

He said the government should find out who was where and do what among teachers to enable him to deploy community learning.

Teachers who spoke on condition of anonymity said a proper assessment of the area was needed before they could begin teaching.

Baringo Governor Stanley Kiptis said with the national government they had deliberated on mitigation efforts to protect those affected.

“We have agreed to provide food and non-food items, temporary shelter, health services, psychosocial support and care for vulnerable members of society,” Kiptis said.

Teachers Service County Director James Nyakweba said they would trace the families back to where they were staying and identify an area where learning can be taken.

“We intend to identify some areas to bring the learners together,” Nyakweba said.

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