AAUW awards scholarships to three UC Santa Cruz researchers


The American Association of University Women (AAUW) has awarded 2021-2022 US scholarships to three academics from UC Santa Cruz who will pursue academic work and lead innovative community projects to empower women and girls.

The fellows are Gillian bogart, a graduate student pursuing her doctorate. in sociocultural anthropology; Jasmeet dhaliwal, postdoctoral researcher in Earth and planetary sciences; and Brenna Mocking, a graduate student pursuing her doctorate. in astronomy and astrophysics.

Gillian Bogart is an anthropologist whose work explores social and ecological transformations, particularly in relation to the disturbances induced by capital. His current project is a study of salt production on the island of Timor and the impacts of Indonesia’s national salt self-sufficiency initiative on fishing-farming communities, coastal ecologies and human relations- non-human who animate them. Her nascent research program focuses on the vernacular subsistence practices of women.

Jasmeet Dhaliwal is a planetary scientist who studies the chemistry of the early solar system and its influence on the formation and evolution of planets. She is actively involved in teaching popular science to K-12 students, as well as efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in Earth and Planet Sciences. . She hopes eventually to become a professor and develop interdisciplinary research with her colleagues to advance social justice issues in the field.

Brenna Mockler’s research focuses on understanding the growth and behavior of supermassive black holes, like the one at the center of our own galaxy. His current work studies stars captured and engulfed by black holes to learn more about the speed at which black holes can grow. She is also deeply committed to enhancing the culture of astronomy and academia and believes that promoting equity and inclusion in academic research is essential to its success.

AAUW is one of the world’s longest-standing supporters of female graduate education. Since 1888, it has awarded more than $ 115 million in scholarships, grants and prizes to 13,000 women in 150 countries. For the 2021-2022 academic year, AAUW has awarded an unprecedented total of $ 5 million through its scholarship and grant programs to 260 researchers as well as community projects and programs that promote the education and equity for women and girls.

Funding for education is particularly important for women as they are disproportionately burdened with student debt. The burden is exacerbated by a permanent wage gap that affects women in almost all occupations. The wage gap widens over time and negatively impacts every aspect of a woman’s financial life, from paying school fees to saving for a comfortable retirement. AAUW scholarships help alleviate the burden of student debt so that women can focus on their education and studies.

“We are proud to support the work of these exceptional researchers,” said Gloria Blackwell, Executive Vice President and Director of Programs at AAUW. “This year’s recipients make valuable contributions in a wide range of fields, but with a common goal of improving lives for all of us. We are in awe of what these researchers are doing and excited about the great things they will accomplish throughout their research and careers.

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