Community Learning Space (CLS) extends north of Tacloban – Philippines

In May 2021, FundLife partnered with Libertad Primary School to create a community learning space within the community. It was able to hire 24 students from grades 4 to 6 in the 2020-2021 school year who were declared at risk of dropping out of school due to poor academic performance and the inability to adopt the new configuration. learning due to COVID-19. After participating in a total of 27 hours of game-based study support sessions, 100% of 6th graders moved on to middle school, the rest of the students moved on to 5th and 6th grades.

It can be deduced from this that no pupil dropped out of the CLS study classes and their school. The kids also expressed how grateful they are to FundLife, especially those who struggled to understand math, science, and English subjects.

“Before, I didn’t understand math and English lessons. However, after our lessons with the teachers for the past school year, I have improved considerably in addition, subtraction and multiplication. I realized that I could still improve in my weak points with our teachers, who do their best to teach us the lessons. -Nina

“Last school year I struggled with my modules. I thought about stopping, but I found it easier to answer my modules thanks to the CLS initiative. I could easily understand the topics with the help of our learning aids. And this school year, I expect to learn more and improve my grades and grades. – Rutchie

Nina and Rutchie are just two of the first class who were able to improve their studies thanks to the initiative; that is why they have chosen to register for the CLS study sessions for this school year.

For the school year 2021-2022, the learning space, which is located in Brgy. Libertad, Palo Leyte, currently has 44 students in grades 4-6, nearly double the number of students enrolled in the last school year. Twelve are from the 1st promotion of the program and 32 are new. Many parents would like their children to participate in the program because they have received good feedback about it.

Asked about the expectations of new participants, Arkenth said: “I look forward to having renewed motivation and love to learn and respond to my modules. Since the start of the course, it is now easier for me to understand the subjects of the module. Before, no one could help us complete the modules, but now we have about four teachers helping us. Also, I learn to discipline myself, especially in the management of my time to answer the modules in the learning space and at home. I hope that the CLS initiative will continue until the next school year and that we will always be chosen to become their students.

From Palo, Leyte, we were also able to partner with a school in North Tacloban City to implement the program. With the strong support of Brgy. Cabalawan, Tacloban Town and North Tacloban Town Hall Extension Office, Ridge View Park Integrated School, and FundLife have developed a Pagbasa program through CLS intervention to engage their students who are at risk of disruption. ‘drop out because of their poor academic performance. Some of these students were learners who needed reading and writing interventions. A total of 50 students (20 in 4th grade, 20 in 5th grade and 10 in 6th grade) are expected to start their CLS study sessions by October 5, 2021.

We also have another group of learners who will be participating in the program. These are the boys who stay in a day care center in Brgy. Tagpuro, town of Tacloban. Currently, FundLife is hosting play-based learning sessions at the facility that houses 13 boys. They will all undergo Writing and Reading Improvement Activities, a FundLife program explicitly designed to meet their academic needs.

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