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JC Pankratz, Playwright, FMM Fellowship Winner, 2021

Lennart Nielsen, Playwright, Winner of the Special Jury Prize, FMM Fellowship 2021

Newcomer to the theater industry offers monetary grants and development support to rising creators

The arts is a community heavily impacted by the pandemic, so we are very fortunate to be part of a forward-looking response to the challenges of theater mid-COVID.

— Alicia Grosso, Board Member

ALAMEDA, CA, 94501, March 1, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Synecdoche Works celebrates recipients of the inaugural Frank Moffett Mosier (FMM) Fellowship for Works in Heightened Language, in recognition of outstanding full-length or one-act work rooms.

Out of more than 350 submissions from around the world, JC Pankratz received the scholarship along with a $3,000 grant for his work SEAHORSE, a one-man show about a trans man reflecting on his journey to parenthood after the death of his husband. Additionally, Lennart Nielsen receives the Special Jury Prize with a $1,250 cash prize for AGAIN, THE SPELL, a time-traveling fantasy that tells an upbeat story about personal identity, belief, and love. Winners will also participate in online workshops and readings of their winning works for an invited audience.

“I am honored to receive the 2021 FMM Fellowship, both as a creator writing in high-pitched language and as a theater maker working to see myself, the people I love, our stories, and the spaces we inhabit. on stage,” says Pankratz. amplifying the voices of writers from underrepresented communities is a vital practice, and I am grateful to be part of this opportunity,” they add.

As a new player in the arts, Synecdoche Works empowers emerging artists and has already taken significant steps to support creatives at a time when they continue to be severely impacted by the pandemic. Their goal is to promote art by emerging and underrepresented playwrights, actors, authors and musicians. Advocating for a diverse creative community since 2021, the non-profit organization provides support and funding for artists through projects such as the FMM Fellowship, and financial assistance to regional performing arts festivals operating with smaller budgets, such as the Fresno Rogue Festival.

“Both emerging and established arts communities have struggled over the past two years, so it is heartening and humbling to receive support for an artistic endeavor at this particular time, as a fledgling playwright,” shares Nielsen. “I’m thrilled that my play about finding joy and love in language struck a chord with Synecdoche Works. It was born out of the multiple frustrations of our moment, perhaps in hopes that we could overcome them and reconnect with theater in a jovial way,” he says.

In addition to the two main winners, Synecdoche Works has also expanded this year’s list of winners to include more playwrights for 2021, who also received honoraria. The finalist awards are Eric Marlin for HOW TO MOURN THE DEAD, Nikki Massoud for CUT-A BLASPHEMY, Kanishk Pandey for THE FATE OF THE ONLINE COW and Phanésia Pharel for BLACK GIRL JOY. Zoe Bloomfield for THE HOUSE OF CLYTEMNESTRA, A RETELLING, Ezra Brain for ARDEN, Megan Campisi for MALUS DOMESTICA, Gloria Bond Clunie for THE POPPY, Malique Guinn for GANG SINES, Alena Haney for HUNT and NaTasha Thompson for DAYWEAR.

Shortly after the announcement of their 2021 scholarships, Synecdoche Works will soon begin accepting 2022 applications for the second round of scholarship recipients. Interested candidates from all over the world are invited to submit their pieces in English from March 15, 2022.

“The arts is a community heavily impacted by the pandemic, so we are very fortunate to be part of a forward-looking response to the challenges of mid-COVID theater,” shares Synecdoche Board Member Alicia Grosso Works. “It’s wonderful to watch these creatives strive to practice and develop their craft, and we’re honored to support their journey in sharing their stories with the world.”

For more information on Synecdoche Works, how to attend their 2021 Zoom Fellow Readings, or applications for the 2022 FMM Fellowship, visit www.synecdocheworks.org.

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Synecdoche Works is a California-based nonprofit arts organization that promotes art education, creation, performance, and exhibitions by underrepresented or underserved people, with the goal of recognizing and celebrating individual differences between all theater artists. Through the Frank Moffett Mosier (FMM) Fellowship for Works in Heightened Language, and their strong support and funding for upcoming performing arts festivals, Synecdoche Works advocates for a diverse creative community of playwrights , actors, authors and promising musicians. and other creatives from around the world. For more information, visit www.synecdocheworks.org.

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