Hub Powered by PNC offers scholarships to underrepresented and underserved entrepreneurs: University of Dayton, Ohio

Dayton’s Greater West Incubator is accepting applications for a new office fellowship program at the Hub Powered by PNC, where entrepreneurs can access resources, network and use conference space and other amenities.

“Many small businesses can benefit from the mentorship, services and space offered through the GWDI Startup Fellowship,” said Whitney Barkley, Director of the Greater West Dayton Incubator. “Black and brown entrepreneurs, women, and those who live in and serve Greater Dayton West are still a minority in our regional startup ecosystem. The fellowship helps break down barriers for them and ensures that the Hub is an inclusive and equitable space that drives innovations from all postcodes.

The program will provide 14 underfunded, underrepresented and otherwise marginalized entrepreneurs with one year of discounted office space at the Hub.

Coworking access and offices for one, three or four people are available. The first three months in any space are free, with the rest of the year discounted. For example, coworking passes, normally $1,800 for the year, are offered to entrepreneurs in the scholarship program for a total price of $675.

Entrepreneurs must live in or serve the Greater Dayton West area, be in business for at least one year, have less than $50,000 in net income, and meet other eligibility criteria.

Applications are accepted until April 18. More information is available online at

The Hub Powered by PNC is one of the nation’s largest university innovation spaces created in partnership by the University of Dayton and the Entrepreneurs Center. The Hub Fellowship Program is the latest offering from the Greater West Dayton Incubator, an initiative created in partnership with Black community leaders from Greater West Dayton and the University of Dayton, with support from the Entrepreneurs Center. The incubator provides access to workspace, advice, training, capital, and other resources, including a microcredit program, with a focus on the Greater Dayton West region.

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