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4th year internship selection process
The Director of Academic Affairs and Chief Speech-Language Pathologist will contact Affiliated Universities to solicit qualified candidates. Bay Pines VA’s Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology Department also participates in the American Academy of Audiology Clinical Audiology Clerkship Site Registry. Interested students should submit a resume or CV, letter of interest, unofficial transcripts, and three letters of recommendation. After reviewing this information, personal or telephone performance-based interviews can be scheduled. Selection is made in conjunction with the affiliated university clinic supervisor following a review of applicants by staff. All 4th year externs will be housed at the main campus, Bay Pines VAHCS, for the duration of the rotation.

Selection process for the 3rd year externship (350 hours)
Applications from interested parties should be submitted to: Director of Academic Affairs, Bay Pines VAHCS, PO Box 5005, Bay Pines, FL 33744 and should include a letter of interest, copy of unofficial transcripts, and resume. Selected applicants will be contacted by phone or email to determine the semester selected for rotation completion. Students will be housed at the Sarasota VA Community Clinic for the duration of the rotation.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

J. Nicole Wiley, Au.D.
Audiologist/Academic Director – ASPS
[email protected]

Orientation process
The orientation process includes employee orientation, department orientation, computer access code assignment, equipment orientation, workstation assignment, identification of trainee responsibilities, review of the University Student Handbook, a contract outlining mutually agreed upon specific goals for the training experience through the High Performance Development Model, and a skills which categorizes the intern’s self-assessed level of skills and knowledge for the assigned responsibilities.

Assessment process
Each intern and fellow will be assessed against the requirements of accrediting and certifying bodies on the basis of clinical judgment, knowledge, technical skills, humanistic qualities, professional attitudes, behavior and overall ability to manage care of a patient. Factors used to conduct an assessment include those listed in the mutual expectations contract, skill advancement, adherence to policies and procedures outlined in the student handbook, attitude, and work ethic. Evaluations are carried out at the end of each semester and discussed with each intern or scholarship holder. Each intern evaluates the program through a personal exit interview by completing a service level satisfaction survey and participating in the national learner perception survey.

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