Manager training and micro-learning to support employee retention and engagement

MINNEAPOLIS, February 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The past few years have ushered in one of the most powerful dynamic changes in decades, from employers to employees. This creates space for many small and medium businesses to transform with a way of being instead of a “doing business” mindset. Awesome People Leaders™ (APL) launches today to help companies accelerate growth through the development of fundamental leadership skills, build and nurture high-performing teams, and improve business success.

Small and medium-sized businesses suffer when newly promoted leaders don’t have the right skills. The role of manager is often presented as an incentive, whether or not the person has the right skills to lead people, there is a lack of training and development around leadership, and companies don’t have the bandwidth to integrate several leaders at the same time. Awesome People Leaders™ (APL) launches with an innovative approach to training and development, offering 10-minute micro-learnings to help companies accelerate growth through developing fundamental leadership skills, building and nurturing high-performing teams, and improving business success.

APL is an online training program for managers designed for real-world management application at different levels of experience, company, and industries. Managers, directors, floor supervisors, team leaders, scrum masters, project managers and other leaders will receive:

  • a series of 10-minute micro-learnings
  • 50+ micro-learning topics (i.e. building confidence, communication, decision making, DEI&B basics, emotional intelligence, feedback, unconscious bias)
  • a self-paced guided program with weekly lessons
  • real-time action strategies
  • monthly live community calls for interactive discussions
  • private online community
  • mobile accessible
  • bonus materials, certificate of completion, and more!

Heather Polivkaan internationally renowned business consultant, created APL to address the lack of manager training after two decades leading Fortune 10 organizations, over 20 acquisitions and SMEs.

“Companies have a great opportunity right now to deliver their teams internally and I think managers play the most important role in a company,” Polivka said. “Companies that successfully deliver internally can achieve better results externally with their customers in 2022.”

Sustaining this internal change can reduce revenue and lead to increases of up to 21% in productivity, 22% in profitability and 10% in customer satisfaction.

“It really couldn’t have come at a better time. I feel more empowered in my first leadership role with these tools in my back pocket. It’s such a relief to know that I have these tools and this community who can I turn to for ideas and feedback,” shares Christine F., APL participant.

Polivka shares, “I hope APL will be the bridge for businesses to reframe leadership mindset, create ingenuity and embrace this new era of digital expansion with humanity, l innovation and great leaders.”

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About Awesome People Leaders™
Awesome People Leaders™ is an online manager training program that provides managers with results-driven fundamental leadership skills development to cultivate high-performing teams and improve overall business success. APL is a series of micro-learnings and action strategies for real-world management scenarios with a private online community to collaborate, share, receive feedback, and learn from others’ experiences. The PLA is led by Heather Polivkaan internationally renowned business advisor, who has accelerated the success of SMBs, Fortune 10 organizations and 20+ acquired companies by transforming people, processes and profits over the past two decades.

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