McDonald’s Philippines grants € 500 million in aid to employees and partner communities


Metro Manila (CNN Philippines) – McDonald’s Philippines has announced that it will release an aid fund worth 500 million yen to support its employees and help the communities it serves amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The company said it would offer special benefits to its employees and donate part of the funds to help communities.

Salaries for restaurant teams, managers and head office employees will be released during the quarantine period, whether or not they can come to work, according to a statement from McDonald’s Philippines.

He also said that a “special premium package” will be offered to store managers and teams who can come to work in some stores that remain open in order to serve communities in areas under enhanced quarantine.

Special benefits will also be provided such as face masks, alcohol and vitamins to ensure the safety of its employees in the workplace, the company said.

The company will also donate food to frontline people, healthcare workers, local officials, volunteers from non-governmental organizations and those most affected by food security during this crisis.

“In the midst of any crisis, people have to come first. We do what we can to ensure their well-being. We also have a responsibility to our partners to ensure that they can continue to do business and care for their own people. Finally, as a Filipino company, we have a duty to be a partner with government by serving the public in any way we can, ”said George Yang, President and Founder of McDonald’s Philippines.

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