Networking and project management: training of young women leaders in the Poltava region is underway

The pilot implementation of the Council of Europe training program for young women leaders from the Poltava region on participation in development and decision-making processes at local level is underway.

Key activities planned for the next training sessions on November 19 and 20 include meeting and networking with representatives of the Poltava Oblast Council and the civil society sector, as well as learning the basics of project management.

The objective of the first day of training is to establish communication with women representatives of public authorities and local government, as well as with local opinion leaders. Some of the guest speakers that program participants will be able to communicate with include:

  • Lilia Ruroeva, Deputy Head of the Poltava Oblast Council;
  • Yulia Tsybulska, founder of the educational center “Insha Osvita”, creator of startups, ambassador of innovative education and entrepreneurship programs, local advisor to the Council of Poltava oblast;
  • Vita Klymenko, Director of the Poltava Oblast Regional Development Agency “Office for European Integration”, former Director of the Department of Economy and Investment of the Poltava City Council;
  • Yulia Horodchanina, head of the NGO “Nova Poltava”, municipal councilor of the Poltava municipal council, ambassador of the Bohdan Havrylyshyn Family Foundation;
  • Karina Tyutyunnyk, representative of “Diia. Poltava Affairs ”.

During the day, the young leaders will familiarize themselves with the mechanisms of civil participation, the community development plan, the community gender passport and the approaches to gender mainstreaming in the activity of local authorities. In addition, participants will be able to discuss with guests the individual projects they are developing throughout the training program.

The program for the second day includes training on the basics of project management: the young leaders will study the specifics of budget advocacy projects, as well as the components of effective communication within project management.

It is expected that during the trainings, possible ways of cooperation with local authorities will be described, in particular with regard to the implementation of promising projects in the future.

It should be recalled that the aim of the Council of Europe training program is to help young women leaders in the Poltava region to acquire the skills and qualities necessary for a more active engagement in public and political life. local, including the skills to develop and implement their own projects, effective communication, interpersonal communication, teamwork, leadership qualities, awareness of public, political and electoral processes.

The training program is implemented by the Council of Europe * in partnership with the Poltava Oblast Council, developed on the basis of the Council of Europe Toolkit ** for local authorities and non-governmental organizations aimed at strengthening the participation of young women and girls in political and public decision-making processes at the local level.

The piloting of the toolkit is implemented in co-operation and with the support of the Council of Europe projects “Supporting transparency, inclusion and integrity of electoral practices in Ukraine” and “Strengthening civil participation in democratic decision-making in Ukraine ”

** The toolkit has been developed with the support of the Council of Europe project “Supporting the transparency, inclusion and integrity of electoral practices in Ukraine”, implemented within the framework of the Action Plan of the Council of Europe for Ukraine for 2018-2022

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