Pailin launches Japan-funded community learning center


Yesterday, the province of Pailin officially inaugurated the Boryakha Community Learning Center, which is supported by Kokkyo Naki Kodomotachi Children without Borders International (KnK International), in the village of Boryakha, commune of Boryakha, city of Pailin to strengthen the youth capacities and strengthen community learning.

Provincial Governor Ban Sreymom said the government has been working hard to meet the needs of the people by developing the nation for progress in all fields, especially education.

In this perspective, he said that the creation of the community learning center is an important contribution to strengthen and strengthen the capacity of local young people to acquire the skills necessary to develop the family economy and society.

“I am grateful to the government and people of Japan, who have always provided substantial assistance in contributing to the rehabilitation and development of Cambodia from the beginning until today,” Sreymom said.

We Sled, State Secretary of the Ministry of Education, said the community learning center is a precious gift from the Japanese people, through Knk International, to help promote education and vocational training in Cambodia, which is a contributing factor in poverty reduction at the local level.

“The Community Learning Center offers a wide range of vocational training for young people in the area, such as sewing, beautification, phone repair, air conditioning repair, etc. .

There are three community-assisted Japanese community learning centers in Pailin province, which have a unique standard structure 11 meters wide and 16 meters long, which is the equivalent of three rooms and two bathrooms, and equipped with adequate furniture and electrical equipment.

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