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According to the US Census, approximately 10,000 people turn 65 every day, and this trend will continue through 2030. While many of these people might be looking for a smaller footprint in terms of housing, they often seek expand their options for staying active and social. And more and more are discovering a passion for the sport of — pickleball.

(Pickleball is growing in popularity. Photo credit: Voyager)

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The fun, social and active game of pickleball is like a combination of tennis, badminton and ping pong. It’s an all-ages sport that includes all skill levels and is a great way for many to stay active and healthy, while building important social connections. First started in the 1960s near Seattle, WA, pickleball has become the fastest growing sport, growing nearly 40% in the past two years according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA). According to International Journal of Exercise Physiology Research“Regular participation in pickleball improves cardiorespiratory fitness and positively alters major risk factors for cardiovascular disease.”

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(Pickleball has grown nearly 40% over the past two years with 4.8 million players in the United States. Photo credit: Colony Cove)

With this increased popularity and positive health impact, many neighborhoods and communities across the United States have made pickleball courts a priority in their equipment packages, whether building new courts or to renovate old tennis courts into pickleball courts. Homebuyers flock to these communities for winter getaways, second homes, or new communities to call home full-time.

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“Manufactured home communities are known for their activities, events and amenities, and with the growth of pickleball in recent years, residents want easily accessible grounds to enjoy the active and social lifestyle the sport brings,” says Pat Zamora, representative of myMHcommunity.com (a one-stop website that helps buyers find a home in a community environment that promotes an active and social lifestyle).

“In addition, communities are adding or converting pickleball courts because many potential residents are looking for this equipment when buying a new home,” Zamora added.

An example of such a community is Monte Vista Village Resort, an age-appropriate resort-style neighborhood in Mesa, AZ that offers a unique atmosphere that promotes an active and social lifestyle. In 2021, Monte Vista completed a new sports and fitness complex that included many features like a full weight room and gym, as well as four new pickleball courts, bringing the community’s total offering to a dozen fields.

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(Photo credit: Monte Vista Village Resort)

“We are always looking for ways to improve the overall atmosphere of Monte Vista and provide the experience our residents and guests deserve,” said Monte Vista General Manager Brian Montalbano. “There was no way to build another state-of-the-art fitness facility without including additional pickleball courts as feature equipment. The sport is too popular among everyone here.

Close Viewpoint Golf Resort and Tucson Voyager RV Resortwith 25 pickleball courts between them, offer many activities, events and amenities like tennis, softball, golf, billiards, fitness centers and swimming pools, but with all these options residents are increasing the popularity of pickleball and benefit from all that sport brings to these communities.

Participation hasn’t just spread south from Washington into the Southwest either. Residents throughout Texas, such as in Book at Lake Conroe and spanning across the state of Florida in resort communities like Cove of the colony, Pine Lakes Country Club and bay indiesall seek the sport that keeps them active and healthy, as they seek their snowbird home or permanent residence.


(Photo credit: Voyager RV Resort)

While many of these resort communities typically hold daily social events and leisure activities as well as organized group outings with the aim of promoting health and social activity, psychology today suggests that “pickleball offers physical exercise, mental exercise, and probably a mental health boost, making it a trifecta for all participants.”

And with 4.8 million — and growing — pickleball players enjoying the game across the United States, having access to a fair court in your neighborhood can give both your health and your schedule a boost. social.

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