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Campbell River Daybreak Rotary honored two special guests at last week’s morning meeting at the Maritime Heritage Center.

Tami Ness and Hazen Taylor received scholarships from the Paul Harris Prize. This honor recognizes tremendous “service above self” for members of the community whose dedication to supporting others truly positively impacts lives as “people of action”.

For many local residents, Ness and Taylor are known for their involvement in the Salvation Army kettle program. For the past 13 years, they’ve coordinated Kettle volunteer schedules, collected community contributions, and provided a much-appreciated cup of hot chocolate to Kettle volunteers, especially on those windy days in December.

The Salvation Army kettle program consists of eight locations operating 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and Saturdays in two-hour shifts for six full weeks, from mid-November through Christmas. Salvation Army pastor Violet describes both Nes and Taylor as “absolutely amazing” and suggests they won’t be able to retire until she does.

As Norm Facey’s year as President of Daybreak Rotary draws to a close, he wanted to ensure that Daybreak Rotary was able to recognize Ness and Taylor’s longstanding contribution.

Community members like Hazen and Tami are making a difference to the quality of life in Campbell River,” Facey said.

Members of the Campbell River Daybreak Rotary have contributed to the program for the past 12 years by providing volunteers for two daily shifts during kettle season.

“It’s our way of partnering with other very caring and supportive community organizations,” Facey said. “There are many outstanding volunteers in this community who volunteer their time to make a difference.

Last year the Salvation Army Kettle program raised $107,862.50. These donations help fund the Salvation Army Lighthouse Program, which provides a much-needed lunch program and other supports to many in need.

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