The Chief Secretary reviews the Transport and ARI Training Department

Jammu: The Chief Secretary has today requested the Department of Transport to improve the operational efficiency of JK RTC to enable it to show operational profits in the next three months.

He made this observation while reviewing the functioning of the Ministry of Transport in which the Commissioner Secretary for Transport and other senior officials of the Ministry were present.

Dr. Mehta said the department must move towards full end-to-end digitization of all services rendered online and ensure the introduction of e-office in all subordinate offices.

The chief secretary said the department should ensure that the fleet of motorcycles purchased by the department are deployed on national roads to enforce lane discipline among commuters.

He further ordered the ministry to take measures to ensure that roadside parking is not permitted anywhere on national highways.

Previously, the Commissioner/Secretary of Transport informed in his presentation that the ministry has generated more revenue in the past 03 years and all services are provided by the ministry online.

He further informed that the department will set up a safety and enforcement vehicle tracking platform at JK to provide continuous monitoring of all public service vehicles for better road safety of women and girls.

He was further informed that the EV policy will be notified soon and in order to encourage people to buy EVs, 100% exemption from road tax has been allowed for the purchase of EVs.

The Chief Secretary said there is a need to upgrade bus stops and every district headquarters should have a proper bus stop with all associated public facilities for the welfare of people.

Dr. Mehta advised the department to use FM channels etc. to inform people in advance of traffic congestion/flow status on various roads in the capitals of Jammu and Srinagar and national highways so that they can plan their visits accordingly. .

The chief secretary has ordered the department to ensure that compensation for road accident victims is paid within 24 hours of the accident.

Dr. Mehta emphasized on improving the operational efficiency of JK RTC and asked the department to ensure that the mileage per day per vehicle is appropriately increased for better return on investment.

He further said that the department needs to put in place a robust monitoring system to continuously track the performance of the company’s vehicles to improve results.

The Administrative Secretary, ARI, in his presentation, informed that the department reviewed the draft recruitment rules of 20 departments in the past year.

He was further informed that 8 offices have undergone administrative inspection so far in the current fiscal year and administrative inspection of other 8 offices will be carried out by the end of the fiscal year. exercise in progress.

He further informed that the issuance of NDCs is done online.

The chief secretary ordered the department to update recruitment rules and finalize seniority lists for all departments, autonomous bodies and universities within a month.

Dr. Mehta directed the department that all recruitment rules be updated and uploaded to the department’s respective websites.

The Chief Secretary has directed the department to ensure that administrative inspection of all offices is carried out at least once a year to improve the efficiency of the system—(KNO)

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