The communities of the Okoa project and the Virtue Foundation join forces to manufacture tricycle ambulances

Some of the ambulances on display

The Okoa Project and the Virtue Foundation exhibited the first prototype of a locally manufactured tricycle ambulance that was designed in consultation with local innovators, artisans and community leaders, as well as members of more than 20 communities in the district. from Sissala Est.

With over 5 years of experience working with communities in Tanzania and Ghana, Okoa Project officials are convinced of the viability of the locally made tricycle ambulance and the impact it will have in their lives. daily.

The Okoa project aims to expand its efforts to all 260 districts in Ghana and more than 5,200 Community Health Planning and Service Centers (CHPS) / health centers.

The organization’s mission is to connect every family to health care when they need it most, with a strong focus on reducing maternal mortality.

Speaking at the launch, a foundation official said, “Today we are delighted to launch 5 of our tricycle ambulances to mark the start of a pilot phase of ambulances in real communities, taking real patients to the hospital. The 5 communities selected by the Health Department of the Sissala East district to receive ambulances are Nabulo, Nabugubelle, Sakai, Kong and Bawiesibelle. highest cases of maternal mortality.

“Our ambulances are designed by the communities we work with, combining in-depth local knowledge with our technology-driven group of experts. Ambulances are designed with custom suspension for comfort on rough roads and custom telemetry sensors That Provide Real-Time GPS Tracking We believe this technology-driven approach will allow us to disrupt the emergency transport space and save lives – one trip at a time.

With the data collected by the ambulance, nearby communities and health facilities can analyze the number of trips per period and be able to calculate time spent versus distances.

The district health directorate can use the same data to advise the ministry of health on efficient resource allocation.

“Over the next few months, as we monitor the performance of the ambulance program, we will work with our team of engineers to further refine the design and move towards a robust Ghana-based manufacturing setup.

Strengthening the resilience of Ghana’s health system to better respond to emergencies ”is the theme of the recent 2021 Health Summit organized by the Ministry of Health. During the 3-day summit, one word underscored all of the statements made by the panelists and participants: “collaboration”.

The Okoa project has been working with communities to collaborate and co-create emergency transport solutions for the past 5 years and is well equipped to contribute to this goal of universal health coverage. We are redefining emergency transport from the ground up and working with passion towards the goal of nationwide access to healthcare alongside the GHS (Ghana Health Service).

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