The exhibition center car park will be used for motorcycle training

The Pahrump Veterans of Foreign Wars Rider Group is expected to begin holding motorcycle training sessions in the Pahrump Fairgrounds parking lot.

This follows approval from the Nye County Commission earlier this month.

Commissioner Debra Strickland, who sponsored the deal, said the ground would be a perfect place for training, if it could be changed. Typically, the parking lot is only used on weekends when the fireworks launch site is open.

“Currently this could be a well used area that is not being used due to all the [parking] bumpers,” Strickland said, adding that similar requests have been made in the past. “We’ve had people learning to be tractor-trailer drivers wanting to be able to learn to back up using cone systems that they would probably practice with, etc.”

Bill Carns of the VFW Riders said most of the existing concrete blocks used for parking lot bumpers would have to be removed.

“We realize that the parking blocks that are in the parking lot are there for security reasons,” he said. “If those are taken out and the rebars are taken out, during the fireworks launch site events, definitely throwing traffic cones there or even some of the big cones and the duct tape could easily block people from crossing areas where they are not. destined…”

Carns said the VFW Riders would be willing to provide volunteers to help demolish the bumpers.

The group also wants to paint 1-2 inch marks on the ground to indicate where the cones should be placed for practice sessions.

“The idea is to be able to work with the person in charge of this launch site to be available to do the different training sessions that we have, and to keep it open to everyone, to anyone who wants to ride on two or three wheels. and keep everyone on the road safe,” Carns said. “We’re all, honestly, very sick and tired of seeing people going downhill on bikes or trikes.

It’s often not the fault of the commute, she says.

“If they were a little more aware of their surroundings or had a little better training in emergency preparedness, they would actually be able to handle these things without being involved in an accident or at least something so serious. We are tired of scratching our brothers and sisters off the roads.

Pahrump Buildings & Grounds manager Jimmy Martinez said the project would take about eight hours of staff time to modify the lot.

At this time, he said the city does not have the manpower to move the bumpers.

Nye County Public Works Assistant Director Tom Bolling said he may be able to loan out workers to help with the move.

Strickland said the fairgrounds are intended for multi-purpose use.

Carns said the group would like to hold quarterly events.

“Including the participation of MSF certified instructors and making some things available for new runners and if all goes well increase it and maybe we could do something every month,” he said. -he declares.

Carns said there would be no official training fee, but donations could help the VFW Riders.

VFW Post #10054 Commander and Acting President of VFW Riders Marty Aguiar said the group is currently covered by a $2 million liability insurance policy and may add the city of Pahrump to that policy.

For more information about VFW Riders and its training sessions, contact VFW Post #10054 at 775-727-6072 or visit the post at 4651 Homestead Road.

Contact reporter Robin Hebrock at [email protected].

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