Utah Governor’s Office Scholarships

The Office of Utah Governor Spencer J. Cox offers a number of scholarships designed to help young professionals gain a wide variety of professional experience and a unique perspective on state government, public service and the functions of governor and lieutenant. governor.

We are looking for exceptional candidates with excellent writing, teamwork and organizational skills. Scholarships can be completed for academic credit.

Fellowships are paid at $14 per hour. An hourly commitment of 20 hours per week is required, although fellows may work up to 29 hours per week with approval. Timings are flexible, but fellows must attend on days and times mutually agreed upon during the application process.

The scholarships can be applied for twice a year and last for six months. Candidates can choose between a legislative scholarship between the months of January to June or an interim scholarship between August and December.

The scholarship application timeline works as follows:

  • Legislative Fellowship
    • Application period: October 1 to October 31
    • Interview period: First week of November
    • Notification of decision: third Friday in November
    • In-person training: Provisionallysecond week of January
    • Start of the scholarship: second week of January
  • Interim scholarship
    • Application period: March 1 to March 31
    • Interview period: First week of April
    • Notification of decision: third Friday in April
    • In-person training: Provisionallysecond week of august
    • Start of the scholarship: second week of August

Our focus areas are state innovation, communications, constituent services, legal and federal affairs, education and corporate services, and legislative affairs. To apply, please complete this application form.

If you have any questions, please contact Nick Coleman at [email protected]

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Scholarship opportunities:

State scholarship for innovation

Advisor: Rich Saunders, Chief Innovation Officer

The Innovation Fellow will support and assist Rich Saunders in innovating state government to improve the citizen experience. You will plan, attend and participate in discussions involving heads of agencies, universities, businesses and community leaders. You will observe high-level meetings, listen to legislative strategy discussions, interact with members of the offices of governors and lieutenant governors, and support innovative projects that address health, family policy, and citizen engagement issues. in the state of Utah.

Communication grant

Advisor: Jennifer Napier-Pearce, Senior Communications Advisor

As a Communications Officer in the Governor’s Office, you will have a variety of responsibilities. You will write the weekly newsletter, social media posts, blog posts, constituent letters, and talking points for Governor’s speeches and interviews. You will also help set up various recordings and events, including video messages to constituents, press conferences, service projects and photo shoots. You will learn basic photography and videography skills, media relations, and more.

Constituent Services Fellowship

Advisor: Mike Mower, Senior Community Outreach and Intergovernmental Relations Advisor

You never know what you’re going to get in a day as a Community Outreach Fellow. By meeting with different groups at the State Capitol, answering phone calls, answering emails, and opening mail, you’ll get a real sense of what Utahans are concerned about or happy about. You will also work closely with senior governor staff on projects and participate in community outreach opportunities while building quality relationships and gaining invaluable professional experience.

Scholarship and General Service

Advisor: Brittney Cummins, Senior Education Advisor

As an Education and General Services Fellow, you will track education-related bills. You will schedule and attend meetings for your advisor.

Legal and Federal Affairs Fellowship

Advisor: Gordon Larsen, Senior Advisor for Federal Affairs

Advisor: Kathy Bounous, General Counsel

As Legal Affairs Officer, your primary role will be to track legislation from committee hearings in both houses of the Utah Legislature through final passage. This follow-up ensures that the legal team is up to date on all relevant invoices and is ready to provide a legal summary and analysis to the governor. Additionally, as a Federal Affairs Fellow, you will attend meetings with the National Governors Association and other federal-level organizations primarily discussing federal-state collaboration.

Legislative Affairs Fellowship

Advisor: Neil Abercrombie, Senior Advisor for Legislative and Policy Affairs

The Legislative Member will assist the Governor’s Office in tracking updates to legislation and coordinating meetings with agencies and legislators. You will follow discussions on bills from committee meetings and speaking time, then prepare them for review, signing and filing. You will also participate in the coordination of signing ceremonies for public bills.

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