West Fargo Fire Department Now Offers CPR Training

West Fargo residents now have the opportunity to participate in hands-on and certified West Fargo Fire Department CPR training.

The trainings are part of the Cardiac Ready Community program, which many cities in North Dakota participate in. Travis Olson is a community risk reduction officer with the West Fargo Fire Department. He says only about 46% of people who suffer heart attacks get the help they need before emergency response teams arrive. He says if more people learn exactly what to do, it increases those odds and makes the community safer.

“If you attend an event and notice someone going into cardiac arrest, the more people there are who at least know how to do chest compressions, call 911, contact responders and locate and use an AED – the more likely you are to actually save that person’s life, or at least administer some kind of life-saving action.”

Olson says the certification class is available for groups and individuals, with group rates starting at $300 for six people or fewer and $50 for individuals. The manual course is free and available for large groups, schools or workplaces. He says there really isn’t an age limit on who can take the classes. Olson says even teens and older residents can benefit.

Olson says attendees will also learn the basics of the PulsePoint app, which connects to 911 and alerts passers-by who can help victims before professional help arrives.

Interested persons can register at www.westfargofire.org.

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